Results from our practice cook!


Well, gang, I thought I was going to be able to post some pictures rather quickly during our practice cook, but we sure were under the gun!  That, coupled with colder temperatures outside and darkness quickly falling left just about zero time to update you.

Have no fear. It is ready to go now.

Overall Impressions

This was the best idea that weve had so far.  It allowed us to go through our set up, all of our meat prep, box making and turn ins.  Also gave us a chance to have a delicious lunch from Fosters, as we had to beg some clam shells off of them for our boxes.

There will be some tweaking to our routines and processes, but overall, I think we have it good to go.  The BBQ Jamboree cant get here quick enough.

Here are our boxes….


Our chicken box came out really good for the first time.  We learned a lot of cool things here, though. One, that we need to make a lot more sauce!


These were some of the best ribs that I have ever done.  They were positively spectacular.  Couldnt staircase them this time, but we’ll get the right amount of parsley in there so that we can do so.


Here is our pork box.  This is the category that I think we can improve the most on.  I think Im way over thinking it.  We will get it dialed in, don’t you worry.


And last but not least, our brisket box.  There was a lot to be learned here as well.  But that was some damn tasty brisket.

Please, let us know what you think in the comments!  See you in Fredericksburg!