BBQ Jamboree Wrap

What a great event! The facility at the Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair was fantastic. Nice and flat…great times.

We got there on Thursday and got all set up. In about an hour and a half. That’s lightning! We got everything set up, started up on some beers and were about to call it a night when we gott approached by Mike (im terrible with names) of Southern Maryland Smokers. The following happened…

Mike: I saw guitars down here. Where are they?

Lucas: We put them away. Probably done for the night.

Mike: Nope. Get those guitars out, grab some beers and come down here and play guitar for some of the best teams in BBQ

So, we did.

A little impromptu concert for some of the best BBQ teams on the east coast by Sweet Tea Blues! It was pretty awesome…lots of good conversation…some good guitar playing, mostly by Leigh Anne, who ripped out a Charlie Daniels song from memory…(In my defense, i haven’t touched a guitar in a while in getting ready for BBQ) Got to hang out with the good people from Hog-IT-Up BBQ, Dizzy Pig, CHIX, SWINE and BOVINE, JD’s Smokin’ Misfits, Southern Maryland Smoker, Serial Griller, Deguello BBQ, and I’m sure others that we are missing. Lots of new friends!

And lots and lots of moonshine.

Friday morning was a bit of a blur…the lawn mower was blowing grass into my face through the tent at around 8 a.m. The girls showed up, and we started getting to work on our boxes and meat prep. We were constantly entertained by our man Smooth next door. Constant entertainment.


Girls getting at it.

The girls left around 9 p.m. I hung out with Smooth and JJ for a bit before deciding to try and get some shut eye. So I hit the tent around 10:30.

Next thing I know, Smooth is kicking me through the tent….”Lukie…shit’s about to get real out here!”

I pop up, get out, and start getting everything ready for a thunderstorm. It was crazy for a few minutes, but everything held up pretty well. So…back to bullshittin with Smooth and such. At 12, I decide to try again to get some sleep. Zip up the tent. Then WHOOSH. Another rain storm. Get back up…back out. Smooth grabs me by the shirt and says, “Listen mf’er…you aint going back in that tent. Every time you do it rains!”

So…up all night with Smooth. I do not know where he gets his energy from.

The Smootherine

I take care of everything cooking wise. The girls show up, I go grab a shower…and then we get after it.

In terms of the cook, everything pretty much went as expected. We learned a ton and will be even more on top of our game next time. But, one thing to note….Kim and Leigh Anne worked their butts off, and they are precise. I wouldnt trade them for anything.

For our first comp, we did pretty good. 12 in chicken, 24 in ribs, 35 in pork and 34 in Brisket. Definitely ok, but definitely room for improvement.


Best Team in BBQ

It was a great event and we met some great people. Cant wait to do it again!