Blue Ridge BBQ Festival Wrap-Up

The team from Old Virginia Smoke wrapped up another competition this weekend in Harrisonburg, VA at the Blue Ridge BBQ Festival. Started out on Friday with a rainy drive down I-81, which by now is getting to be strangely familiar. We decided to stop about 30 minutes away at Sheetz to get gas and eat, as the weather was telling us that we may not get a chance to eat later.

Boy, were we right.

We got to the fairgrounds and picked our site, right next to our friends from Pepper Monkey. Leigh Anne and I got the cooksite all set up and started to contemplate some lunch. And then the heavens opened up. For a good 45 minutes. We were soaked, and all of our gear was soaked. Thank god for the UHaul again, as the charcoal and wood were fine. But, well, look…

And then this was the cooksite…


So that was fun. After much debate about moving, (which consisted of Leigh Anne wanting to move and me arguing against it. She turned out being way way right.)

So…we moved to the site next door. And we needed MUCH help…so an added thank you to Erin and Joel from Pepper Monkey and Tracy from 3 Eyz for helping us move our monster tent. Only took us a bit of time, so no big deal.

We had a really great cook, in our humble opinion, but really got hammered by some inconsistent judging. Again, its all about table roulette. If you hit table 5, then you had a chance. We didnt hit it. But we still got our first Brisket walk. Now there’s a cow in the house…


Big congrats to Hollywood and Swine for the GC and DC Firefighters for their RGC.

And thank you to DC Firefighters, Black Cat BBQ, 3 Eyz BBQ, Heavenly Hogs, Deguello and especially for neighbors Pepper Monkey for a very fun weekend. Next up…Richmond.