Just to give you a frame of reference for my team’s addiction to BBQ, I’m writing this for the blog as I  ride the early train to make an early morning delivery of pulled pork and ribs.  It doesn’t ever stop!  As you may know, we started a Kickstarter campaign on Monday to help us get started with our competition season and catering venture in 2014.  The response so far has been amazing, and we are extremely humbled so far by the participation of our friends and acquaintances.

Only five days in, and we’re almost a fifth of the way towards our goal.  People have called and told me how proud they are of me for starting on this journey.  Friends are spreading the word out to their networks and people and getting them involved in Old Virginia Smoke.  Our supporters are spread from coast to coast. It is amazing to have people like that in your life.

We enjoy cooking great food for great people, and enjoy the great people that we’ve met over the past year.  I find that I’m happiest at 4 a.m. on a Saturday morning with 100 lbs of pork butts on the grill ready for attention.

We are planning some exciting things for Old Virginia Smoke in 2014. We’ve already got part of our new logo, with more work being done in the meantime.  Stay tuned!  Working with some great people on some great projects.  The best is yet to come!

So thank you for reading this.  Thank you for being a fan of Old Virginia Smoke.  Help us get started by visiting our kickstarter page!