What We Did On Our Winter Vacation

It was an assignment that everyone got upon returning to school in the fall. We carefully wrote down descriptions of summer softball leagues and family vacations. It seemed like there was someone in the class who always did something ridiculous and amazing like hiking the Amazon or meeting Mr. T at the local ice-cream shoppe.

But competition barbecue is mostly a summer-into-fall endeavor here in the mid-Atlantic area. Our last endeavor on the circuit was way back in October. Things slow down as the weather gets colder. It’s now spring, and summer is almost within reach. This weekend, Old Virginia Smoke hits the road for our first KCBS competition for 2014. We thought it made sense to share with you how we spent our off-season.

We practiced. The best way to prevent the rust from accumulating is to keep moving, so Old Virginia Smoke held mini-competition cooks from November through May. In April, we even hosted six KCBS judges to help us get a preview on our 2014 approach.

We expanded. In late 2013-2014, Old Virginia Smoke successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign in to help our organizational growth. We invited folks from across the nation to join OVS, and we were blessed by an incredible outpouring of support. We simply do not have enough words to show our appreciation. This has allowed us to add some amazing new tools . . .

We traveled. In one long, hilarious weekend, Old Virginia Smoke tore up and down Interstate 95 to pick up our newest addition . . . our cook trailer!!! Named after the Old Crow Medicine Show song about a fabled train, the “New Virginia Creeper” will be our home away from home this season. “Chug along, chug along!”

We celebrated. The Mid Atlantic BBQ Association named us the 2013 Rookie of the Year, and that is an honor for which we are truly thankful.

Now, we cannot wait until tonight. We are headed to Fredericksburg for the BBQ Jamboree to begin our sophomore competition season. We have plans to be bigger and bolder than ever!!!

See you ‘round the cooksite. It’s time to get the smoke a-rolling.

Luke, Kim, and Leigh Anne
Old Virginia Smoke