“No pants!” – MD State BBQ Bash, Bel Air, Maryland – August 8-9

“No pants!” – MD State BBQ Bash, Bel Air, Maryland – August 8-9

OVS hit the road to Bel Air for the MD State BBQ Bash. We had been to Bel Air before for the MABA awards in the spring, and had asked the question….where do they put all of the teams?

In a word….everywhere.

Luke and Kim showed up on Thursday to beat the rush of teams, and got a really cool spot next to our old friends’ Aporkalypse Now, and our new friends Rockin Robyn’s BBQ and Who Are Those Guys?…the esteemed Mr. George Hensler.

We will get to our other neighbors soon.

We had a nice dinner, watched some football with Rolph and Robyn (I use the term football loosely…it was the Ravens…and then the Chargers…)and then turned in for the night.

It was the 13th annual event at Bel Air, and from what we understand, they’ve never had weather as beautiful as it was this weekend. Slightly chilly in the morning, and then beautiful all day. We’d never cooked anything with such a crowd before. The music was cranked, and people were everywhere! All meats were prepped in time, and we were treated to a fabulous pot luck meal with Rockin Robyn’s, Aporkalypse, Pepper Monkey and the demons at Brown Liquor BBQ. LAT arrived and we were ready to go.

The cook went real smooth…no surprises. Except…as we were putting on meats around 12:30, the guy next to us decided to get his pork butts ready…in his underwear. If you look close enough, you can see him in the background of this pic. See him there…on the left…

naked butt rubber

OVS started a new breakfast regimen…yogurt and fruit first thing in the morning. Kept the energy UP!

Awards started on time…and man was it packed! Also, there was a drone above videotaping the awards. OVS brought home fifth place in ribs, a first place in brisket and 5th overall! For our brisket win…we got something that we had always been hoping for…a giant check! I dunno where we’re going to put it, but damn is it cool.


Congrats to Team Meat Coma on their GC, and to 3 Eyz on their RGC. Everyone in our little quadrant got a call. A first class competition by Craig Ward and the crew in Bel Air. We will be back next year!

Next up…our first venture into the SAMS Club tournament, with the local qualifier in Laurel, MD.