Last weekend, Old Virginia Smoke ascended into Delaware for the first time ever to cook in the Triple Threat BBQ competition in Harrington, Delaware. With a packed field of 100 competitors from around the east coast, it would be a nice early season test and chance to visit with a lot of old friends and make some new ones.

Friday would start with pure brilliance. Luke pulled up to check in, and was given a prime spot in terms of being close to turn ins. He asked, “Who’s in the spot next to us?”

“Big Block BBQ”


We were next to them the previous weekend at Ironman and had a ton of fun, so we knew up front that we were in for a good weekend. Luke pulled in the trailer next to Rick and Mark, who immediately tried to pay the man in the golf cart to take me somewhere else. We got settled in, set up and ready to do business.

We had a nice day of visits with our friends from J.D.’s Smokin Misfits, American Royal Invitational Champions Smokin’ Hoggz, and the Rhode Hoggz, formerly known as ZBQ. All our usual friends were there too, and we had a heck of a dinner with Life is Good, But BBQ is Better and Rockin Robyn’s, which may or may not have included some wicked guitar jamming with LAT and Rolfe.

A big highlight of the weekend was getting to meet our sponsor Bob Trudnak of the BBQ Guru and Hav’n a BBQ. Bob is a great dude, and if you haven’t tried his products, I would highly encourage you to do so.

The weather settled down, and the cook didn’t have any hiccups really. We were real happy with our turn ins

The team next to us, Simple Joe’s, were a hoot to cook next to. They just came together for the 1 competition. During the early rambunctious hours of the night, the girls were sitting outside, and the song Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye came on and the tent was getting rumbly. The girls leaned over to make sure everything was okay, and the guys from Simple Joe’s replied with a “safe word.”

They said that their safe word was “Blueberry.”

So…naturally, Luke, upon learning this would randomly yell out “BLUEBERRY” all Saturday morning.

Awards were EARLY (Thank you Sandy) and the calls started ringing in. We were pleased with getting a 9th place brisket call and finishing with a very respectable 13th overall. Huge congrats to our friends with Sauce This! on their GC and to Christmas City on their RGC. And also to our friends at Aporkalypse Now on their 180 in chicken. Great job guys.

Thanks to Jerry Gates from Barbecue Mayham for the photo!

We’ll be back at it very soon. Keep on smoking!