There are two sides to Annapolis…

It was OVS’s first time to Annapolis for the Naptown Bar-Bay-Q at the Ann Arundel Fairgrounds.  We had heard nothing but good things about the event, and couldnt wait to see a lot of our good friends back on the road again.
We thought for sure that we would again be next to Big Block BBQ…as we had been all year previously.  But as it turns out we couldnt have been farther from.  Our site was a little off the beaten path near some unfamiliar teams, but we figured we would have a good time any way.  And we did.
Its important to note that we were also without Leigh Anne this weekend…who felt the need to send pictures to us from the warm confines of Hawaii all weekend.  As they say, quit lookin at the sweet wahini!
OVS had what we would call a great cook, but different.  Things felt rushed and harried.  We did finish up with a 9th place brisket and a 5th place pork call, which was good enough to get us to 6th overall, our highest finish of the year.  
A MONSTER congrats to Dan Hixon, Tracy Hixon and Don McPhail of 3-Eyz BBQ on GC and a 700+ score.  We, like most other teams in the Mid-Atlantic, had never seen one of those before.  Job well done.
On to our first ever competition…the BBQ Jamboree in Fredericksburg, VA!