Sit Down, Rando

Ahhhh….the BBQ Jamboree.  Where it all began 2 full years ago when we cooked out of the back of the pickup truck, slept in tents and relied upon a dude named Smooth to help froom getting all of our stuff blown away during thunderstorms.  The place where, a year ago, we had our first category win ever, and won the inaugural Whiskey Challenge.

There would be another first this year.

In an unfortunate set of circumstances, we were able to load in on Thursday and partake of the frivolity.  Good times were had by all as always when JD’s Smokin Misfits and Southern Maryland Smokers are involved.  

Bad part was…off to work on Friday morning.  Not fun, but necessary.  

Leigh Anne was a trooper.  Picked Luke up at 6:00 am and off to the VRE.  Then back to the cooksite with her, where she and our good friend Bob McKee.  They set up and had everything ready when Luke got back at 3.  Kim would come in the evening.

Great weather, and a job well done by Jeremy and James, the two organizers.  We had a good cook, but then had to do the dreaded peoples choice after turn ins.  Its super awesome that our friends Keith and Cara come out every year to help us.   We did the good work…handed out a bunch of dizzy pig pork, and then got ready for awards.

And…wow.  2nd place chicken. 2nd place ribs. 2nd place pork.  With our strongest category coming.

No call.

Our friends and neighbors, Chix Swine and Bovine, also had three calls.  We knew it was close.  But Mike’s brisket was over the top awesome and got him the Grand Championship!  And OVS got our first ever Reserve Grand Championship.  Which is pretty awesome.  Huge congrats to Mike and Barb.  Some of the best neighbors you can have at a bbq comp.

Our second place finish was also good enough to garner us the Mid Atlantic BBQ Association Cup for Virginia!  Its a goal that we’ve always had, and we are super proud of it.  Gonna have to talk to the board though about having a cup where the lid can be removed.  You know…so you can put stuff in it.

Huge thanks to our sponsors!  Dizzy Pig, BBQ Guru, BBQ Bob’s Haven a BBQ Sauce, The Wineing Butcher and Kosmos Q!

ON the road this week when we get to see all of our NY friends at the Roc City Rib Fest in Rochester, NY.