Back to one of our favorite competitions ever, the Beltway BBQ Showdown in Ft. Washington, MD.  Its one of our favorites in that it was the first competition that we judged, and the first competition where we won GC.  

Luke would get there on Thursday to get set up that night, as he and Kim would have to work on Thursday.  Halfway through setting up the pop up/first beer, Luke was notified by Kim that he left all of his clothes at home.  Setup would be cut short.  

Luke would get in the truck and head to Walmart for all the clothing and sundry needs.  However, he wouldnt think to check the back gate of the truck.  Somewhere between the campground and the Walmart is a propane tank, mostly full.  Good stuff.

Leigh Anne would head out frist thing on Friday, and complete set up.  Luke would roll in around 2 and start meat prep, and Kim would bring in the rear.

There is a lot more to this story…but I forgot about this post.  I found a half completed draft.  So let’s just put some musings here.  Jonathan does a great job.  Also, Jonathan will do some terrible things for you for a modest fee.  Ok, I made that part up.  He is the man.   The contest is awesome.  But I put up a picture of the girls, because without them, this wouldn’t happen.   I give them a lot of shit and stuff…and they call me on it.  But they are the the machine that makes us tick.  I love them both more than I can ever type here.  I wouldn’t wanna do BBQ without them.

We had a good cook.  It was hotter than hades that day, and all of our friends got calls , which was pretty sweet.  We finished up third overall, just a skosh out of RGC land.   Huge ups to Pork Barrell BBQ on GC and Aporkalypse Now on RGC.