Almost Heaven…

Last week was the Almost Heaven BBQ Bash in Buckhannon, WV.   The crew had been looking forward to this event for a long time.  An auto to the jack.   An event back in Luke and Leigh Anne’s home state.   And an opportunity to cook for a bunch of family and friends that otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to see us.

After a great night in Morgantown, we headed to Buckhannon on Friday and got set up pretty quick.  We got to reunite with a lot of our BBQ friends, and made a few new ones as well.  We had a nice group dinner at the Mexican restaurant  before it was time to get to gettin’.

However, the theme would quickly become rain.  It rained and stormed off and on for most of the weekend.

We had the pleasure of cooking next to our buddy Tom Bera and Philly Blind Big.  A fabulous time was had trading song lyrics and movie quotes all day.

We had a really good cook, but didn’t have long to relax.   We had visitors from all sides….a lot of Luke’s family and well, as Leigh Anne put it, “everyone that would come to my (Leigh Anne’s) funeral.”  There was barely a stitch of meat left.

That was coupled with the anticipation of a very powerful thunderstorm coming through.  A big thanks to the Aporkalypse fellas for helping us tear down our site.   We quickly stashed everything into the trailer, including mom, and then waited it out.   Awards would be in the Moose Lodge.   

We had another really good cook.   2nd place ribs, 7th place pork and 8th place brisket in a really hard field.   Big congrats to 3 Eyz BBQ on their GC and Checkered Pig for their RGC.   And a huge shout out to Mark Gibbs with Checkered Flag 500 on his 180 brisket.

Enough words cannot be said about the Almost Heaven BBQ Bash crew.  They were on the spot for all of our needs.  What a great first year comp.   We look forward to going back next year and giving it another spin.

Next week it’s on to DC for the Safeway BBQ Battle!  We hope to see you there!