Slurry Bear

Back to backs in southern Virginia.  We dropped the trailer off with our friends Susan and Theresa from our Dizzy Pig family and then headed north to recouperate for a few days.  Then headed back down, picked up the Virginia Creeper from its mountain hideaway, and the descended on to Galax VA for Smoke on the Mountain.

Galax is a neat little comp.  it’s a joint contest…KCBS and Memphis BBQ Network.   Turn ins are all weird and everything, but we get to see a bunch of people that we otherwise don’t get to see throughout the year.  So it’s fun.

Yet it’s also a dubious place as well.  The home of our first ever dead ass last…last year in chicken.  Time to rectify.  Revenge chicken.

Plus our travel buddies Mark and Nikki from Serial Griller and Jay from 4:20 would be there too.  We would also get to spend some time with our buddies Chiles and Randy from Wolfs Revenge and the always awesome Mr. Salsberry from Fred Vegas.   Good times.  

We got there on Thursday, got the trailer parked, and checked into our hotel room for the weekend.  This place…wow.  Just terrifying.  There was a lot of excitement to get back to the trailer on Friday morning.

We also were cooking Anything Butt on Friday.  The girls would take their swings with their awesome lobster bacon Mac and cheese.  So delicious.

We got through the night with a little bit of rain as per usual, and then got started with some breakfast chicken.   Turn ins at 10 a.m.  We made it through with all the weird turn in times. Had a lot of down time, and got to keep ahead of everything.  And because the timelines were a bit wacky, we had to bring the Grillenium Falcon (the wsm) out of retirement for the occasion.  

We decided since awards were so late to spend another night in the Galax.  Which may or may not have led to some over consumption issues with 420Q and the Serial Griller.   Awards were fun, cheering our friends on, and getting a 7th place pork and second ribs for an 8th overall.   The chicken….well it wasn’t last.  But they definitely don’t like our bird down in ol Galax.

And the girls had a monster 2nd place with the lobster mac and cheese! And we got to feed a bunch of people this deliciousness on Saturday!

A needed week off before an 8 week grind.   Next stop…Southern Maryland Brew and BBQ!

Huge thanks to Dizzy Pig, BBQ guru, Havn’a BBQ Sauce Kosmos Q and The Wine’ing Butcher for their support!