“Caught me right in the ovaries…”

Ahh, the annual trip down to St. Mary’s county for the Southern Maryland Brew and BBQ.  This event was hosted last year by our great friends the Palmers, who have since passed that torch and would be competing right beside us.

We would be back after a quick week off in which we made some changes to the Virginia Creeper in an effort to make her easier to clean.  So. Maryland would be the first in hopefully what is an 8 week grind on the competition trail.

We got there Thursday evening for a bit of fun with our friends, and then hit the ground running on Friday morning.  It sure was humid and hot, but we pushed through it.   We also got to see a bunch of friends we hadn’t seen in a while, including Big Ugly, The Inked Pig, and Mike Lindley from Smokin’ Mo’s.

Leigh Anne got there that evening and we got everything up and running.   It would be the second night that Kim and I would be sleeping in the trailer on our bunk bed cots.  The first night was fantastic.  But Friday would be different, as I would have to get up a lot to put food in and watch the cookers.

At about 3 a.m., it got hot, and I needed to make a blanket adjustment. So I kicked them with my feet, straight up. I heard a low groan…

“You caught me right in the ovaries.”

Kim never sleeps on her stomach.   But for some reason she was this time.  And unfortunately, I kicked her.

Luckily, there were no more issues throughout the night.

Our cook went well, especially with a new tweak to the brisket we had been thinking about.  A lot of our judge friends stopped by afterwards and said hi.  Then in was time for awards.  Right in the path of the burning blazing sun.

Well, the judges certainly didn’t like what we put out.  Finished with a 9th place brisket call and 20th overall.  Rough day at the office, but we will be back next week in Floyd, VA!

Big congrats to 3 Eyz on their Grand Championship, 4:20 on their reserve and huge ups to Rockin’ Robyn’s for their very strong 3rd place finish.  And a nod to our sponsor, BBQ Guru, on their first place rib, which took home the liquor in the Stock the Bar Summer Rib Challenge.

And…the best for last.  To my little buddy Cadin and his grandad Lynn…great job on the GC in the Backyard division.  They worked hard and came in first!  Great job guys!!