180 Girl

On the recommendation of our family at Dizzy Pig, we signed up for the Black Dog BBQ Festival in beautiful Floyd, Virginia.   We had been to Floyd earlier in the year when we dropped the trailer off for a week with Susan and Theresa, and thought, “Yeah, we’ll come back here.”

We tried our best to get down there Thursday, but the weather and sleepiness argued otherwise.  After some sleep, we headed to Chateau Morrisette on Friday morning, through a ridiculous fog.  

Friday was also Jack draw day.  We got to the site, and then got maneuvered into our site.   Levelling the trailer was going to be a problem.

Thank God Tommy Houston from Checkered Pig was there.  We found some big wood blocks…got her all jacked up and reasonably safe, and then got everything set up.   

Floyd presented many awesome things.  Next to our pals Dizzy Pig.   Also joining he fray would be our great friends from the Carolina’s, Redneck Scientific.   Jerry (aka Superman) and his awesome sister Roxanne were in the house, and brought this crazy pizza oven to make pizza for everyone on Friday.  Also, a surprise visit from our buds Kathy and Allen Clem from Under the Radar.

The afternoon was harried.   Kim was makin’ her anything butt dish, and Luke was doing meat prep to get everything ready.  

The cooks meeting was at five, and then anything butt turn in….then pizza time.  Right as the judges meeting ended, I checked my phone.  Jack draw had been posted.  

I checked it in silence.  No OVS.  No Redneck.  No Checkered Pig.  


But…a lot of our friends got drawn and our area will be very well represented.   Special congrats to 270 Smokers, Under the Radar, and our brothers from another mother Big Block BBQ on getting the call.  Represent, ya’ll.

We decided to drown our sorrows in pizza.   I think Jerry rolled out about 15 of em…including three lobster mac and cheese pizzas using Kim’s leftovers.  Everyone was happy.

Back to the trailer.  Hung out with Dizzy Pig for a while, and then got the fires started .

The weather was awesome.  Very cool, and foggy throughout the night.  We set to work in the morning and had four solid turn ins. 

One of the great things about Floyd is the efficiency.  Awards would be at 3.   Kim’s mom, her sister and a family friend came down for the afternoon.

The first award was going to be anything butt.  Dizzy Pig rocked a third place for their rack of lamb, which was phenomenal.  Then they announced second.  Not us.   I was so nervous….

1st place…OVS.   Oh my.

Kim and I were over the moon.  We went up to get the award and then came back to our seats.  They told us we needed to come back.  180.  Perfect score.

I cannot express the joy I felt for Kim.  Such a huge accomplishment.  I’m so proud of her.

We had a great showing.  6th place chicken, 10th place ribs, and 2nd place ribs for fourth overall.  Huge congrats to Wolf’s Revenge on their RGC and Game On BBQ for their GC.  

On to the next one….MD BBQ Bash in Bel Air, MD!