No More, Susan Lucci!

Last week OVS trucked on up to good ol’ Bel Air, MD for the MD BBQ Bash.   Ahh….good ol Bel Air.  Home of the Orange crush.  Oysters galore.  Ravens fans everywhere, and Wagon Wheel played about 36 times throughout the two days.

We had a great time up there last year, and we’re really looking forward to cooking there again.  Kim and I arrived up there on Thursday, got the trailer all situated and then went to dinner with our great friends Sharon and Mark Gibbs.  The Ravens were playing a pre season game, and there was plenty of purple out and about, but Kim and I made it back to the trailer safely.

Friday was pretty uneventful.  We got through our prep, had lunch with the Brown Liquor boys, and then got ready to go.  We also had a tremendous pot luck dinner with Rockin’ Robyn’s, Aporkalypse Now, Brown Liquor, Team Meat Coma and a host of others that I’m sure I am forgetting.  

Leigh Anne arrived and then things started getting weird throughout the night.  Our buddy Pat (aka Flat Stanley) was asleep in BWal’s (Brian Walrath’s) truck, when the truck was hit by a drunk driver.  Flat Stanley was okay, but only after BWal made sure he was ok.

Our cook went fine.   Close to the judges tent.  It was also a great surprise to get to see our good friend Sir William Stillwell, aka Goat, who was with us in DC.  He was hanging with Neil Pappy from Grand Slam for the weekend.

And wouldn’t you know it…we finally got a First Place in pork.  We had four 2nds this year, and we’re glad to get that monkey off our back.  We finished 3rd overall, behind two of our favorite teams out there, Chix Swine and Bovine (GC) and Black Cat BBQ (RGC.)

Even further congrats extended to Brown Liquor for a perfect 180 in Ribs.  I betcha someone got drunk somewhere…and congrats to 3eyz on a 180 in chicken.  

Up next, VA BBQ Championships in Hampton, VA next weekend.