So last week was our first foray down into Hampton, VA to cook at the VA BBQ Championships at the Langley Speedway just outside of Langley AFB.  

There was plenty to talk about!  First of all, a F-22 pilot decided to put on an aerial display on Friday, running maneuvers for a solid 45 minutes right above the race track parking lot.  Very, very cool.  (I’m gonna try and post a video.)

There was an awesome car show too, all around the race track.  Good stuff.

Also a lot of our BBQ friends too.   Our friends Chix, Swine, and Bovine were back out in the mix, as was our good friends JD’s Smokin Misfits, Aporkalypse Now, Serial Griller, and Sauce This! We would also get to see some of our NC friends on this trip too, including Scott from Sauced! plus Brian Corbett and family from Smokin Skullies.  Not to mention, the reappearance of our California homey Mike Lindley from Smokin’ Mo’s.  Killin it on both coasts like Pac and Biggie.

The weather was pretty fantastic and we did our thing Friday night and Saturday morning.  We had some hiccups, but pushed through.

There was some wonkiness to this comp.   Backyard BBQ contestants would be turning their two meats at the same time as the pros.   Then there would be some judge shuffling.  No bueno, cause there are so many opportunities for things to go wacky.   But everyone was in the same boat.  I digress…

We had a very solid showing, 10th chicken, 4th ribs, and 6th brisket for 6th overall.  (Not sure what happened with pork…). Congrats to Sauced! on GC and Smokeaholics in RGC.   Great job!

But no no no…the fun didn’t stop there.  We all gathered up and headed to Harpoon Larry’s for some dinner and drinks after awards.  Neither disappointed. The restaurant is owned by Mark and Nikki with Serial Griller, and they have done a tremendous job.  A great experience with the company of our BBQ family.  If you are ever in the Hampton area, I encourage you to give Harpoon Larry’s a try.  You’ll be “hooked.”  See what I did there…

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  1. Mike lindley says:

    Great article guys, thanks for the shout out! Best of luck this weekend. Mo

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