Head West, Young Man

Sorry this is post has been delayed…it’s been a whirlwind of late…

So after our win in Laurel, we had the Sam’s Club Regional the very next weekend in Richmond, VA.   If we thought that the field was tough in Laurel, this would be even tougher.  The top six qualifiers from the five eastern locals would meet in Richmond to do battle for ten spots available to the Sam’s Club National, with its $150,000 prize purse, in Bentonville, Arkansas.

It sure was hot in Richmond.  We got a nice spot with some grass nearby, and it was great to cook next to the awesome dudes of Smokestatic Redemption.   Across from us we found our good friends Rockin Robyn’s, Rock’s Money Pit was close, as was our good friends Stephanie and Terry from 270 Smokers.  

And lest we forget, directly across from us was those crazy kids from Wolf’s Revenge.   Chiles, Randy and Alli really are the best.   They hosted the potluck on Friday night for dinner, and it was phenomenal.   Kings of Richmond hospitality!  

Friday night also gave us an opportunity to catch up with some friends that we hadn’t seen in a while.  Big Ugly was in the house, as was a lot of our friends from up north, including Tim from Stubborn Bull, Chris and Joan from Rhode Hog BBQ, Insane Swine and the incomparable Ted Lorsen from Q Haven.  And it’s always pleasant to visit with Bob Trudnak, who supports us all year long with BBQ Guru and BBQ Bob’s products.

The word of the weekend was Slapdick.  So don’t don’t be a Slapdick..  Ya Slapdick.  (Thank you Tim and Ted)

We had some difficulty with the cook, but nothing we couldn’t handle.   In typical Sam’s fashion, awards were early at 3:30.  Time to get down to it.

Calls were everywhere.  We were very happy to get a first place rib call.  Then they announce the 10 that get the golden ticket to Bentonville.  We were holding our breath.

And Boom.  8th.  

And we wouldn’t be going alone.  Great friends Chix Swine and Bovine, Checkered Flag 500, 270 Smokers, Rock’s Money Pit, Rockin Robyn’s, and Beerbecue would also be going.   Huge congrats to Rocky Top on GC and Insane Swine on RGC and to everyone else who got their ticket punched.  

Back in Richmond next week for RecoveryFest!