Our annual trip to Richmond for RecoveryFest.   This was one of the first contests that we ever did.  And ever year it maintains being social in our hearts because of the organization that runs the event…the McShinn Foundation.

The McShin Foundation is Virginia’s leading Peer to Peer Recovery Community Organization.

McShinn has been remarkably effective with the method of Peer to Peer Recovery Support Services (PPRSS) which employs recovering addicts and alcoholics to educate, mentor, and spread the message of recovery to individuals new in sobriety.

Another Friday arrival with he help of Bad Bob, we got set up and ready to go, had a fried chicken lunch, and waited for Kimmie to arrive that night.  Another stellar pot luck by the Kings of Richmond hospitality, those crazy kids at Wolfs Revenge, and the evening was off to a great start.  (Chicken and waffles on a stick.  Bangin.)

Normally this contest doesn’t draw a lot of the big teams, but this year the calendar dictated otherwise.   Another packed stellar field, which seems to be the norm every week.  The weather looked like it was gonna hold until the morning, but Saturday looked to be an adventure.


I’m not kidding.   There was a river running through our cooksite.   We felt bad for all of the teams cooking out of pop ups, but everyone pressed on.

We made it through without too much trouble from the rain and had a good time in the trailer singing and dancing, as will happen most days.  Bob manned the trailer at night, and then missed the rains of the morning.  Whilst sleeping in his car, he left his crocs outside.  Right after the rains they had floated a good ways away from the car.

As Bob was in the Coast guard, we weren’t too worried about it.  He’d be fine.

We had a good cook and a great time, particularly as we reunited with a lot of good friends.  We finished tied for third with Wolfs Revenge.  Huge congrats to our friend Mark Gibbs of Checkered Flag 500 on the GC, and Lil Will’s on the RGC.

Keepin’ on grindin’.  Next week, Salisbury NC.