American Royal-Part 2

On to the Open.  608 teams vying to hear their name called and walk on the grass at Arrowhead.  We got our meats done, our fires lit and everything going according to plan.   We didn’t let the fuel run out either, which was a hard lesson learned from the first night.  

Everyone was raring to go on Sunday morning, off of a mostly full nights sleep.  Everyone did their jobs, and we had one of the best cooks that we have had all year.  Everyone was beat tired, and the clean up process took a while, but we got it done.   

Off to the stands again.   We waited and waited to hear our names called, but OVS never came over the loudspeaker.   Our neighbors did though, and it was just as good as hearing our own.   Redneck Scientific had three walks, including winning the overall side dish championship, and a magical 13th place finish in sausage.   I say magical because my boy Sean was integral to the cook process.

Overall, a fantastic trip.  Other than the BBQ results.   We are resolved to figure out what we need to change to do well out west.  We had a magnificent time, and can’t wait to come back next year!

Words can’t describe the thanks we owe to folks that made this trip possible.   To Keith, for driving out with me and being a source of constant entertainment…the Rebecca and her husband for letting us take over your house….to the fireman….for being you.   To Bob, who stuck with us for the fall and provided great insight, worked his ass off, and had a blast the whole time.  To the traveling band of gypsies from the east coast that make this trip so fun….Mike and Barb, Terry and Steph, Jared and Suzanne, Rock and Dreama, Bill and Shaune, the wonderful Alan, and the magnificent Chad and Nicole.   I’m sure I’m leaving some out…but it was a damn fine ride.   And lastly…our neighbors at Redneck Scientific.  Great cooks, great family, and great people.   Always remember Todd….Mayor said.

Now really lastly….this trip wouldn’t have been possible without my beautiful wife Kim and my best friend Leigh Anne.  The Little General and The Angriest Woman in BBQ.  Making dreams come true.