Vandalia – #teamhumphreys

Another part of the American Royal was picking up our new cooker, built by Humphreys Smokers out of the great state of Maine.   Get a good look at her…

Here are the specs on her…

She works like a dream come true.  The temp gets to where you set it…and then it stays there.  Like…until you want it to move.  It’s an amazing cooker, and I can’t wait to get another one to round out our lineup for 2016.

We had a contest online to have the new girl named, and Vandalia was picked as the winner.  Vandalia was one of the earlier proposed names for a colony that would include parts of now WV, Va, PA and KY.

This is hands down the best cooker I’ve used, and we just started our relationship.  Can’t wait to keep on keepin on with her.

Feel free to send me a message if you wanna learn more.  Or contact Chad or Nicole directly from Humphreys Smokers.