Carry Me Back to Virginia

After an exhausting trip all around the Midwest, and a bunch of humble pie, Old Virginia Smoke would fire things up again the very next weekend at Shenandoah Valley BBQ Fest in Woodstock, Va.  Probably the third closest comp to OVS headquarters, this contest is known in OVS circles for two things…1) little black rocks from the race track being the BBQ trailer for all of eternity, and 2) judges not being very kind to OVS.

Luke and the Little General were looking forward to it though, because they would have two really good friends cooking with them for their master CBJ, Rick and Karen.

Luke arrived early Friday morning and got into his spot, right beside his old friend Jerry from JD’s Smokin Misfits.  Luke, Rick and Karen got everything set up…got the meats prepped and then waited on Kim to arrive.

It was a bit windy on Friday.   While enjoying a tasty beverage with Jay from 4:20, they saw one of the organizers pop ups gracefully leave the ground and wrap itself around a telephone pole.  Right around the corner from Jay’s site, things weren’t as graceful.  Brown Liquor BBQ had lost both of their pop ups, and they weren’t even onsite.  Luke got a hold of them.   Luckily, the BBQ family came through, and they’d be taken care of for the weekend.

The team went and enjoyed a delicious BBQ dinner and some craft beer at 1752 BBQ and the Woodstock Brewhouse.   If you are ever in the Woodstock area, I highly recommend a visit.

It was a cold night; however, everything cooperated for the most part.  Everyone was back on site by 6 a.m., and everything was hitting on all cylinders.   Rick and Karen melded into everything we were doing.  They asked all kinds of great questions and really helped out a lot.

We turned in our food, got cleaned up and waited for awards.  It was pretty chilly…and there may have even been a snowflake.  Hopefully, the awards wouldn’t be as cold for OVS.

And they weren’t!  The Woodstock curse was broken! OVS would grab a 5th place chicken, 1st in ribs, 2nd in pork, and an absolutely puzzling 15th in brisket.  This would be good enough to grab third place overall. Right behind our good friends Checkered Flag 500 who RGC’d and WAY behind the Cinnamon Bear, Jayyyyyy from 4:20Q.

The best part about cooking with judges is watching them analyze the score sheet afterwards.  Everyone knew the brisket was money.  But that’s competition BBQ!

Great to be back in VA.