Boo!  Scary!

The next trip would take us east, right on the beach at a beautiful campground in Delaware for an event called Boo-B-Que.  (try to say it and not laugh.)

Our good buddy Jerry from JD’S Smokin Misfits was gonna cook with us this weekend, and got up to the campground ahead of us on Thursday.  He also brought his RV…which was exciting as we weren’t used to cooking in such opulent conditions.

Luke arrived on Thursday night.  The boys had dinner and then set off to do a little socializing.  Drinks were had.  And then more drinks were had.  And then even more.  No one was safe.  The night ended with Jerry and Luke making the trek to the beach, and Luke going in for a little swim in the Atlantic.

Luckily, the girls would be there on Friday to supervise.  Luke and Jerry got up on Friday and got everything set up.   OVS would host an epic pot luck dinner that night, which included some amazing food. There was also a birthday cake for Jerry and Bill Gillespie from Smokin’ Hoggz, who both had their birthdays earlier in the week.

It would be folly to not mention Cajun Jack, who provided an awesome low country boil, and also produced one of the scariest Halloween costumes of all time.  Absolutely terrifying.

It was a windy cook early, but settled down through the night.  We thought everything came out as it was supposed to, but the judges sure didn’t.  We did manage a 4th place brisket.  Sometimes you win, sometimes ya don’t.   Delaware doesn’t seem to like us.

Congrats to Finns Finest on the GC and to Big Ugly on the RGC.  Only two more contests left in the year.

Big ups to Jack Hollis of You Don’t Know Jack BBQ and his father for such a great welcome.  Thanks for making OVS at home!