Whew…what a long offseason.   April 2 would be the kickoff to the new 2016 season, and the good ol’ Ironman in Greencastle, PA.  Hosted by our good friends at Mason Dixon BBQ Services, the Ironman doesn’t let you use any electronics, such as Gurus or anything like that.  And also, you get to only cook 7 pieces of chicken, 1 rack of ribs, 1 pork butt and 1 brisket.

It’s always a fun time.  We got to see a lot of our BBQ family that we don’t get to see very often, especially our good friend Sal Gobat and the rest of the Smokin’ Gnomes.  And a lot of our usual buddies.  270 Smokers hosted a fabulous paella contest on Friday night (all of it was delish), and we set to cooking.

Our fabulous Humphreys, which love working with a BBQ Guru, fought hard all night and into the morning, giving us four great turn in boxes.  We also had a blast cooking all night right next to our great buddy Mark Gibbs from Checkered Flag 500.

We were able to manage a fourth place rib call and a 10th place brisket call to finish with a very strong 5th place overall finish.  Congrats to 3Eyz on the GC and an extra special huge congrats to our brothers Brown Liquor BBQ on their first ever Reserve Grand Championship!