Oh Goodie, Delaware

Ya know how there is that girl that you really like that doesn’t like you, but you continue to ask her out over and over again, thinking that she is gonna change her mind about ya?

World, meet my special lady.  Delaware.

We routinely get our ass whipped in Delaware, yet we always continue to go back.  Maybe some day she will change her mind!

We got to a spot near our friends JD’s Smokin Misfits on Thursday.  The weather was gonna be wild.  The wind was buckin’, and everything needed to be strapped down tight.  Jerry and Mary let Luke shack up with them in the RV.  Jerry whipped up a fabulous pasta dinner, which was enjoyed by Luke and Mark from Sauce This.  Then…Miss Mary came back from the casino.

But not for too long!  Luke and Mark decided that it was a good thing to go back with Mary and try their luck.

Turns out that Mark hasn’t gambled too much.  So first, Luke takes him to the craps table.  He explains that you have to roll the dice down to one end, and make sure they hit the other side.  Mark gets the dice…and then…

BAM!  He throws em as hard as he can.  They hit the far rail and come all the way back to the opposite rail, and the off of that.  The dice were screamin in pain.  He grabbed em and fired again.

After about the fifth time, Luke casually pulled him aside and explained, “hey man…they just have to TOUCH the other rail.   Not break it.”  They stuck around for a bit and then headed over to the black jack table.

Mark was more comfortable here.  Until he had QJ against the dealers 6.

“Split em.”

Luke said, “What are you doing???”

Mark replied, “splitting them against a six.  Watch!”

Another face card comes, and Mark splits again.   And yet another face card comes….and he splits. Again.

Luke’s face was aghast.  The last two face cards were dealer bust cards.  Mark ended up winning two of his hands, and losing two others against the dealers three card 19.

Which coincidentally murdered Luke’s 14 .  They stuck around a bit, but headed back with their tails between their legs.


The weather on Friday wasn’t great.  Luke got the meat prepped and anxiously awaited the arrival of the Lil’ General.  The group went out for a fabulous dinner at the casino, and then set to it.

The weather was abysmal.   It snowed during chicken turn in.  Sleet during ribs.  Rain during pork and a howling wind during brisket.  All turn ins seemed good, but hey, it’s Delaware.

And damn.  OVS thought maybe this was the time she said yes, starting strong with a 4th place chicken.  But that was the only call on the way to a totally Delaware 20th place finish.  Congrats to Aporkalypse Now on GC and Wolfs Revenge on RGC.

Until we meet again, my Delaware.