About the closest thing that OVS has to a hometown competition is the BBQ Jamboree in Fredericksburg, VA.  Less than an hour from home, we always get a great turn out from our friends and family. And, the contest and festival are, by our estimation, the best in VA.

James and Jeremy do it right.  No nonsense organizers that make sure that teams have what they need, and most times everything that they want.

OVS also had the added benefit this year of getting some visitors from the south, our brothers and sisters in crime Redneck Scientific.  We would be right next to them, and it was sure to be a good time.

Everyone got set up on Friday in what would be the biggest field yet at the Jamboree — 72 teams in all.  Pretty much all of our BBQ Family were going to be there.  The cooks meeting is usually pretty fun at this one, as James and Jeremy put on a pretty good show.  But this year, the show was stolen by Jerry and Roxanne, as they surprised Luke with a new garment for his wardrobe as the new MABA president.  Behold–

The Rednecks, OVS, and those lovely folks from Checkered Flag 500 enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at the Bavarian Chef (highly recommended) and began to get settled in for the evening’s cook.

The night was great, the weather was holding up, and everything was on time.  And the weather continued to hold up until about an hour after turn ins.  Then, all hell broke loose.  Rain…wind…thunder.  Pop ups were flying.  Kids were tumbling.

But it calmed down for awards.  OVS did really well, garnering a fourth place in ribs and brisket, and a fifth place in pork which was good enough for a fifth place overall.  Big congrats to 3Eyz on the GC, and a HUGE congrats to Life is Good But BBQ is better on their first RGC.  A big thank you to all of our friends that came by to support us.  I’d name you all, but the list would be enormous!

Next stop, Ayden, NC.